Wine glass Korink I


This glass has been originally designed to be used for white wine and dessert wines. However it is suiting its purpose very well for red wine and port wines alike.

As you notice the mouth blown handmade wine glasses are equipped with a curled lip. An asset not very common in industrial produced wine glasses. This curved lip is designed to have a wide and natural touch to our lips enabling us to enjoy a touch as a kiss and allowing a much wider flow of wine over our tongue and with that taste increases dramatically.

Not only the taste but also the bouquet of the wine is taken care of. This glass is very elegantly shaped. It has the capability to release the first alcohol fumes first keeping a steady flow of the bouquet going from the wider wine surface.

Adding to this virtue is the very fine balance between the leg, foot and bowl when filled with an elegant amount of wine. A balance industrial made glasses lack. In the making we have used the finest Swedish Crystal with excellent viscosity (The viscosity of a fluid is the measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress.) for wine glasses.

Size: Ø 90  MM High 224 mm


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