010116 (Ø 47 cm x H 7 cm) Decorated rough black stoneware


Decorated Rough black stoneware, porcelain deco patches and platinum lines

These porcelain plates and bowls are Unique pieces, hand trown on the potters wheel. Only one piece available, signed by Olaf Stevens and sold with certificate of authenticity (COA)

The largest items take 3 days to form into their final shape.

The clay used is either porcelain or of specially composed and imported stoneware masses from France, Germany or the UK.

The finishing glazes are composed for reduction firing  in large gas kilns. The glazes are typically Celedon or Tenmoku glazes originating from China, Korea and Japan recipes.



a rough black heavy grogged German stoneware clay. decorated with thick patches of porcelain slib and covered with a thick Feldspar glaze. finally finished with platinum luster lines. There have been several firings to get this result

Size; ø 47 cm x H 7 cm