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Blue de Four

Contemporary visual music in the classical 18th century line.

Dating from the 18 th century, the technique of Bleu de Four appeals to a legendary Limoges know-how. The pieces are plunged into a bath of deep cobalt blue enamel and then fired at a very high temperature. 1400 degrees centigrade!
As a result, a hypnotic deep blue comes out, swinging between an ultra-marine blue, a navy-blue and indigo and in special cases, like we did, decorated with 24 krt gold

In order to obtain such a classic master piece we needed to purchase the typical kilns in order to be able to get this specific result. It was not only the Kiln but the whole separated infrastructure around it. Only blue de four pieces are allowed to be diped into the cobalt bath and selectively fired into this kiln. After the high fire we needed to hand apply the 24 krt golden paradise birds one by one and to be fired again to melt the gold onto the deep blue glaze.

Datant du 18 e siècle, la technique du Bleu de Four fait appel à un savoir-faire légendaire de Limoges. Les pièces sont plongées dans un bain d’émail cobalt bleu puis cuites à grand feu. En conséquence, un bleu profond hypnotique en ressort, oscillant entre un bleu ultra-marin, un bleu marine et indigo et en objet spécial décoré d’or 24 carats

Our Vase in Blue de four and paradise birds in 24krt gold

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New series of highest quality Limoges porcelain cups

New limited series of highest quality Limoges porcelain cups

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We have 4, 24 krt gold dessin variations.

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